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Carbon black grades

Private Joint Stock Company «Kremenchug Carbon Black Plant» produces 11 grades of carbon black in accordance with the requirements of international standards ASTM D1765: N772, N660, N650, N550, N326, N330, N339, N347, N375, N220, N234.

Carbon black is fine dust, powdery substance with carbon content of 99%.

Carbon black is used in many sectors of the economy:

  • for the production of tires of different dimension-types;
  • for the production of various rubber technical goods;
  • as a pigment in paints, plastics and electrochemical industries.

The technological process of carbon black production consists of the following stages of production:

  • the process of raw material preparing and feeding for production;
  • the process of carbon black producing;
  • the process of carbon black recovery;
  • the process of carbon black treatment;
  • the process of carbon black packaging.

Shipment of carbon black is making in bulk, in hoppers, polypropylene containers — big-bags, polyethylene bags.

Download the table of quality values: