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Environmental protection

Every year, our company strives to harmonize the production of quality products and environmental protection. Of particular concern are measures to prevent violations of the requirements of environmental legislation, the implementation of resource-saving technologies and personnel training for the safe conducting of processes with regard to their impact on human health and the environment. Each employee of the plant needs to know how safety is for health the production and the environment. To do this, the company developed the ecology objectives, as a manifestation of the highest corporate responsibility for the environmental consequences of economic activity.

Ecology objectives coordinate activities of all departments and aim to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment of new developments, the existing equipment and production processes, beginning from design and implementation, planning and obtaining the finished product, and finishing of marketing and shipment to the customer.

In the technological process it is used effective dust-gas cleaning devices, it is searching and studying new types of filter materials and modern dust collecting systems that prevent air pollution.

There is a system to monitor the treatment of waste, waste flow processes are studied and implemented measures to reduce or prevent waste. About 60% of industrial wastes are transferred to other agencies for recycling.

Private Joint Stock Company «Kremenchug Carbon Black Plant» is actively integrating into society. As a participant of the Ukrainian project “Environment and natural resources of Ukraine” in the nomination “Leader of Environmental Industry of Ukraine” the Director of the plant was awarded an Honorary diploma. The company also won the X Ukrainian competition “Environmental quality and safety” in the nomination “Environmental quality and safety of production”, took part in the International Environment Forum «Environment for Ukraine 2012″, where it was noted by diploma.

Specialists of the environmental protection department are constantly improving their skills to help to improve the environmental performance of the enterprise, to study and prevent possible environmental risks of the negative impact of industrial activity on human health and the environment.

Environmental security is the key to successful and competitive activity of our plant.

Kremenchug carbon black plant has become a flourishing enterprise of the city. After all, last week more than 300 rose bushes were planted on its territory! There are plans — a large-scale industrial household: upon the initiative of the management of the plant, landscape designers will create an incredible beauty, which will be enjoyed by KCBP staff.
Did you know that the symbol of Kremenchug carbon black plant is a black rose? And why just this flower has decorated emblem of one of the most successful enterprises in the city? If you do not know, we will now tell you a fascinating story. And you will find out that the “black pearl” — Kremenchug carbon black plant – had the glory as the plant of roses among Kremenchug enterprises. Veterans of the plant remember well that its territory was buried in a sea of red flowers in Soviet times! Since then, the company has kept a good tradition to decorate the avenues with fragrant beauties. But this spring has become special in the life of KCBP staff. Upon the initiative of the plant’s director Vyacheslav Yavorskyy and the chairman of the Supervisory Board of KCBP Miroslav Baldis, the plant’s territory was turned into a landscaped park decorated with hundreds of roses.

Director of KCBP: “This day is just the beginning”
On April the 5th, plant employees, activists and all not indifferent got down to the common goal — the planting of roses on the territory of the plant. About a hundred people worked together hard and hard to create this incredible beauty with their own hands. After all, this time we planted not just flowering flower beds. They came up creatively for landscaping of the territory: they decided to create decorative flower beds, which will change color depending on the season. At the moment plants were placed on several sites, located near the shops of the plant. And fragile beauties decorated the flower beds in front of the building of the plant management. However, this large-scale planting of flowers is only the first step in the arrangement of the territory: the management of the plant has plans to turn this territory into a flower garden of the whole territory of the plant. To learn more about future plans, we talked with the management of the plant.

-The tradition of planting flowers and planting the territory has existed since the foundation of the plant,- says Vyacheslav Yavorskyy, director of the Kremenchug plant of carbon black. — Back in the Soviet times, upon the initiative of the first head of the enterprise, Nikolai Peretyatko, about a thousand roses were planted on the plant’s territory! Therefore, a black rose is not in vain present on the emblem of KCBP. In 1974, even the Odessa film studio shot the film “Flowers and soot” at our plant — it was preserved in the museum of our plant. — We always saw roses in front of the plant office. But not in such quantity as they were bed out today. Why did we decide to return to this tradition now? — Perhaps the impetus was a recent visit to our company by colleagues from Cabot Corporation Company, a global producer of carbon black, which owns 44 plants in 21 countries. Together with the director of development from the US Roberto Ballardini, the director of the carbon black plant from Ravenna (Italy), came to us. He inspected our enterprise and noted that everything is fine with us! The production technology meets high standards, and Mr. Ballardini has not seen such cleanliness even at European plants! But he added that we did not have enough home atmosphere, greenery… As they say, colleagues know better. We thought and decided to hold such an event as gardening the territory in order to properly arrange it and bring it to the status that we have. Upon the initiative of the chairman of the Supervisory Board Miroslav Baldis, the plant bought lots of roses, various flowers, trees, bushes. And we invited veterans of the plant, representatives of government, workers, and friends from military unit 3059 of the National Guard of Ukraine and all who wish to leave their mark in the history of the plant. — Today, the roses were planted on several sites — almost a certain landscape park was made. But, as far as we understand, you do not plan to stop at this, and there are plans for its further expanding? — Yes, today’s action is not one-off. We invited a well-known Kremenchug design company to make the approach for gardening complex and professional. We will continue cooperation. Therefore, today is just the beginning. We are laying our flowering alleys with the prospect of future expansion and further development. We have always supported the tradition of planting our plant. For example, we have a wonderful cherry garden, the chairman of the Supervisory Board Miroslav Baldis specially brought high-quality seedlings for it. We have many flowerbeds, green areas; our employees carefully look after it. However, we plan to bring the appearance of the territory of the plant to the European level. We want our employees to feel comfortable in the workplace, have a place to relax and have a good time.

To combine traditions and modernity
In addition to roses, the territory of the plant will be decorated with other plants. Later, lilac, jasmine, various flowers and picturesque bushes will be planted, which together create a magic pattern on the territory of the plant. And we will also equip places for rest for the staff who can spend its free time here. Julia Tretyak, representative of the design company “Liu-Al”, says that such industrial landscaping is very popular with our western neighbors. However, there are few enterprises in the city that give due attention to this work.

-Industrial landscaping is a fashionable European practice,- explains the designer. — The main task that the plant management set before us is to preserve the traditions of the plant as much as possible, but to combine them with modern trends. So today we do block plantations with roses. Subsequently, we will add other flowers, grain varieties, plant decorative bushes, trees, so that the flower beds will bloom all year round. The area on which we plan to make industrial landscaping is large. Therefore, we have where to ‘turn around’. Our task is to improve it so that the collective of the plant spend a time on it and rest with a pleasure. And, by the way, KCBP staff takes part in this work with great pleasure.

They have decided to combine traditions with modernity, so invited landscape designers to create a special rest area.

They made a real oasis on the territory of KCBP: they planted more than 300 rose bushes.

The workers really went out to plant flowers as a holiday. They took up shovels and flowerpots stubbornly, and, following the instructions of landscape designers, carefully sprinkled them on the ground. “We carry out this work with joy and a smile, — they say. — The common cause brings our team even more united,” Yurii Pshenichnyy, the head of the labor protection department of KCBP, shares his impressions with us. — And look, although we release black soot, our plant is very clean! There is no smell! We have good and tidy territory — we go to work with high spirit. Therefore, we perceive this event with great enthusiasm and sincere joy: we want our company to become even better. Nikolai Petrov, veteran of labor of KCBP, joined to the event on gardening. He gave to the company his whole life – firstly he came in the 70′s. Therefore, he remembers well how the fragrant flowers were gay then, they covered all the territory.

- Roses bloomed everywhere, — he remembers. — There were wonderful alleys with red flowers. And what beautiful roses were in front of the plant office! And you cannot say that this is a soot plant — people went to work and smiled. It’s good that now such a tradition is being revived: the soul sings from it!
Inna Stegnii, a supply engineer, is very happy about this event as well. Rose is her favorite flower. And besides, we can say that it was this flower who led her to work at the plant. After all, red flowers from KCBP are her first and very warm memories about Kremenchug carbon black plant.

- My father had been working during a lot of years for KCBP, — she shares her story (Inna is on the photo on the right). — And my first acquaintance with the enterprise happened when I was 11 years old. Then the children of plant employees rested in children’s health camps in Bulgaria. And I had to go on vacation. I have come to the plant, because the children were collected in front of the plant office in order to go on a trip solemnly. And there were bloomy red flower beds. There were so many flowers, green leaves were almost invisible: only petals! This was my first impression of the plant. I believe that the rose is not for nothing a symbol of our plant. They have much in common. And although it is a very fragile flower, it is, at the same time, strong and it knows its worth. Just like our enterprise, it is highly quoted on the world market. And today I am very grateful to the management of the plant and shareholders for such a wonderful idea — to create a paradise at the territory of the company and to plant roses. We take up a matter with great zeal and enthusiasm!

This is not the last time when employees of the plant band together to plant flowers. Indeed, management of the plant has plans to do industrial gardening on the other areas. And yet ahead they are going to plant out lilac, jasmine and many ornamental plants: we are waiting for the beauty! The activists, representatives of the military unit 3059 of the National Guard of Ukraine and municipal government also attended this event.

Guests of the company had a tour through the plant.

The municipal government has also joined the spring event.
“Such a position influences on the image of the plant positively”
Yurii Hrytsenko, secretary of the city council, together with Mr. Yavorskyy, the director of the plant, had a walk through the plant:

- I am very pleased that this event became public and you invited a society, deputies, and the media. You have demonstrated how the plant is preparing for spring voluntary work. It’s good that the company’s management arranges the territory and cares about the traditions that were started back in the days of KCBP foundation. I am pleased to see the smiling faces of workers for whom roses’ planting in their company is a holiday, an opportunity to do a common cause and an occasion to talk. I should add that together with the plant’s director Vyacheslav Yavorskyy had a walk through the plant, talked about environmental safety. He informed that the company spent about 13 million UAH on environmental safety measures last year, and they plan to increase it to 17 million UAH this year. He demonstrated me the equipment to be replaced in the framework of these actions. I think it’s good that the plant opens its doors to society. Such a position influences on the image of the plant positively.