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Carbon black production in Kremenchug was designed by Yaroslavl branch of the state design institute «Rezinoproekt.» Primarily, carbon black production was a part of a complex of oil-refinery plant. Our history dates back to 1963, when in February the 70 young boys and girls came to the site area and began to build the construction of foundations for the carbon black production.

The construction was carried out in three phases: preparatory, construction of major industrial projects, commissioning of the first start-up complex of carbon black production, and at the same time the performance of work on the second complex.

March 12, 1965 was started the first phase of carbon black plant, and the first 100 tons of Kremenchug carbon black were produced. It was mastered the first stage of the production of carbon black PM-70 with the capacity of 26 tons of carbon black per year, consisting of two technological lines with dry granulation.

Since January the 1st, 1966 Kremenchug carbon black plant separated from the oil-refinery plant into an independent company.

The second stage of the carbon black production was designed by Yaroslavsky scientific-production association «Carbon black», it begun in 1967 and completed in 1971. It was built 2 technological lines for the production of carbon black PM-70 with dry granulation and 4 technological lines for the production of carbon black PM-50 with wet granulation.

In 1970, firstly in USSR, the production of carbon black PM – 100 was mastered. The designed production capacity of the plant had been calculated as 94700 tones of carbon black per year.

From June 1976 all carbon black grades, produced by Kremenchug carbon black plant, have been certified by the State Quality Mark.

In the 70′s carbon black plant was one of the leading enterprises in manufacturing culture. Sanitary protection zone was planted with trees and perennials of 24 species.
In 1993, due to reducing of carbon black with a dry granulation demand, it was taken out from service and in the sequel was dismantled 2 technological lines of the first stage, and in 1998, out it was taken out from service 2 technological lines of II stage (5 and 6, etc. ).

In 1996 during the process of corporatization, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint stock company.

In July 1998, the quality management system has been certified by the Dutch firm «TNO Certification», in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9002:1994. Three years later, in July 2001, first in Ukraine, OJSC “Kremenchug carbon black plant” implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 with the elements of ISO 14001:1996, since May 2009, the quality management system is certified to comply with ІSO 9001 : 2008.

The main aim of OJSC “Kremenchug carbon black plant” is the production of competitive products that meet international quality standards.

In December 2001, put into operation its own device for the chemical water treatment, thereby reducing the cost of production and increasing energy security of the enterprise.

In 2005, put into operation: 5th technological line with the capacity of 25 thousand tons of carbon black per year, and 1st line of power station with capacity of 2,5 megawatt.

At the cost of modernization and introduction of new technologies, the plant capacity at 01.01.12 became 100 thousand tons of carbon black per year.

The company currently produces 11 grades of carbon black, which high quality and compliance with international standards makes it possible to export it to 26 countries: Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic and others. Our customers are such world-famous companies as: «Michelin», «Goodyear», «Bridgestone» and others.