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Private Joint Stock Company «Kremenchug Carbon Black Plant» is located in the central part of Ukraine and in the geographical center of Europe at the crossing of automobile roads, railways and waterways. The company is the closest to Western Europe of all similar enterprises of the former Soviet Union. One of the main advantages of the enterprise is its proximity to the Eastern Ukraine, the site of all the coke industry of the country, the products of which are the raw material for carbon black production. This allows providing the company with raw material stably at any time of year.

The advantageous geographical location allows the company to supply its products anywhere in the world and by any type of transport. So proximity to ports on the Black Sea solves the transportation of carbon black in sea containers to markets in North and South America, North Africa, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Existence of ports allows also considering in the short term the issue of supply of raw materials from the Middle East and North America.

A well-developed automobile road network permits the company to delivery products by trucks anywhere in Western Europe.

It should be noted that the company is close to the railway and has its own railway. This makes possible delivering products by rail transport, both to domestic consumers and to consumers in Eastern Europe as well as to Russia and to Belarus.

Today Kremenchug carbon black plant is a company with a full-fledged infrastructure, compact accommodation buildings and plenty of spaces. There is a well-developed network of roads and communication system. All of this allows fulfilling any work on the reconstruction and modernization of production facilities.